Activate Your Vision

Only $197 | Sun 12/5/2021 - Sat 12/11/2021

Helping Moms Rediscover the Vision of God for Their Lives

Is This for You?

Mama, I know you're busy, but you deserve 7 days to develop a solid vision for your life!  Tell me something:

  • Do you feel a loss of intimacy with God
  • Are you overcome with mom guilt and related stagnation?
  • Do you feel emotionally spent

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions, then the Activate Your Vision experience is for you.  With Godly wisdom, strategy, and support, craft a vision for your life and get your power back! 

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What to Expect

This experience offers faith- and evidence-based strategy that will set you up for 2022 and beyond.    

  • Nightly virtual small group sessions that will teach you how to put some of the strategies that you may have learned during the wellness retreat into action; plus live Q&A sessions.
  • Anticipate us taking you step-by-step through the process of discerning God’s vision for your life and putting it onto paper, particularly as it relates to your spiritual and mental health, and self-improvement.
  • Join a private community and get live support from me, other moms, and our special guests. We will provide the help you need. 
  • Expect to be refreshed, renewed, and revived!

How Does This Work?

Our signature program, 12-Week Small Group Coaching for Moms, in part, consists of a 7 Step Accelerated Manifestation strategy that guides you into the fulfillment of the purpose and plans of God for your life: 

  1. Vision Activation
  2. Organization
  3. Stipulation
  4. Configuration
  5. Elaboration
  6. Validation
  7. Manifestation

Activate Your Vision explores Step 1 of our signature program:

  • Nightly Coaching Intensives and Q&A
  • Flexible Accountability and Support
  • Vision Activation Worksheets
  • Access to Coaching Experts
  • Private Community
  • Bonus: Signed Copy of When the Bough Breaks: Unearthing the Roots of Postpartum Depression
  • 24-Hour Fast-Action Bonus: One 30-Minute Strategy Session

How Can This Benefit You?

Spiritual Health

The first pillar of this program is spiritual health--the ability to discern and readily align with the purpose and plans of God for your life, and live better than you ever dreamed of.

Your spiritual health is the seat of your vision activation.

Mental Health

The second pillar of this program is mental health--the ability to successfully navigate life changes while maintaining emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Your mental health supports the effective functioning of your vision.

Personal Development

The third pillar of this program is personal development--the ability to thrive in your physical body, relationships, time, career/mission, finances, and contribution.

Your personal development provides a vehicle for your vision.


Empowering Secretly Frustrated and Discouraged Moms

"I almost lost my mind, until I rediscovered my purpose."

Nationally, postpartum depression (PPD) disproportionately affects 44% of African American mothers.  Often undiagnosed, PPD can feel like extreme fatigue.  Holiday madness worsens this silent epidemic

Diagnosed in March 2019, Author turned Faith-based Mental Health Coach for Moms Laray E. Dyer suffered a severe case of postpartum depression.  In her book, When the Bough Breaks: Unearthing the Roots of Postpartum Depression, Laray is remarkably transparent, revealing raw emotion and personal health records. 

In 2021, Laray founded Abundant Grace Coaching Community, a Christian company that empowers secretly frustrated and discouraged moms to rediscover, prioritize, and accomplish their dreams and aspirations beyond motherhood.

“I met Laray in April 2019.  She was by far one of the MOST depressed clients I have ever seen in my career.  Here is this beautiful lady, with a gorgeous new baby boy, and she can hardly make it to my office.  She looked like she had not showered in several days, deep bags under both eyes… She looked at me and asked, “Am I a good enough mother?” and began to cry.  That question comes up often in this population.  And my response is always, “absolutely.” 

Jenny Barwick, LPC, CPCS, Founder, Searching for Vitality, LLC

"Laray's book, When the Bough Breaks, pushes the envelope on the realism of Postpartum Depression and the lasting effects it has on women. Ms. Dyer has compiled a great amount of textual evidence that supports the notion that postpartum depression can change and redirect the lives of mothers. The good news is, this compelling self-help book provides rich details on the signs and resourceful details, encouraging women of all backgrounds to get the support they deserve." 

Takara James, Founder, Writluxe

"Laray - Wow! That is some story with huge impact. 
Your work is vitally important!"

Patricia Poshard, Editor, Pittsburgh Parent Magazine

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